About Us

Described as ‘The most beautiful car ever made’ by Enzo Ferrari, the Jaguar E‑type epitomised the glamour and excitement of the swinging 60s.

25 Years Experience

This desire to build the best E-Type began 25 years ago.

Lifetime care

A lifetime of trouble free motoring with no concern for maintenance.

100% Part Control

We have control over every part that passes through our hands and onto the car.

Why Choose Us?

Full In-House Manufacturing Facility

With over 25 years manufacturing experience and an ever growing production facility, here at Evolution E-Types we pride ourselves in offering the best parts available on the market. From nuts and bolts to brake calipers, door locks to entire monocoques, we offer an impressive range of bespoke parts made exclusively for us, by us. Each part that passes through our hands is subject to a visual inspection and strict quality control.

With all of this flexibility on offer this provides a great advantage when it comes to developing parts. We are always looking to improve and ‘evolve’ and will not settle for compromise.

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Expert Craftsmanship

Every Car. Every Part.

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