The Evolution Process

From nuts and bolts, brake calipers, door locks and entire monocoques, our cars offer an impressive range of bespoke parts made exclusively for our cars which sets the benchmark in engineering. All parts produced are subject to a visual inspection and rigorous quality control.


Our professional fabricators have decades of experience fixing and creating body panels for a vast range of modern and historic cars. With their vast knowledge and expertise combined with an extensive range of workshop tools we can cater for anything E-Type, whether it be a sill replacement or a full re-body.


With our own exclusive paint facility complete we offer the highest standards when it comes to a respray. Each car is fully rust free before any preparation work is taken, with over 700 man hours on each car needed for a show finish.

CNC Machining

Fully equipped with milling machines, CNC lathes, up to date AutoCAD software and more, the Evolution team are capable of adapting to fulfill any task. We cover engine machining, tool making, castings, billet and even machine our own nuts and bolts.

Trim & Upholstery

Our trim department covers a wide range of operations for your cars interior. Each car can vary slightly from one to the next, so we start with a template for the trim and fabricate custom panels on our Laser machine to fit your car perfectly. The body shell is heat and sound insulated throughout prior to fitting and we only use the highest quality leather, moquette and carpet on your car with no vinyl whatsoever. We make our own stainless trim where possible, polished to a mirror finish, keeping the original gauges for authenticity

Assembly & Engine Building

The XK engine is one of the most famous and beloved engines of the 20th Century. Great care is taken to restore them back to their best. Each block is stripped down and rebuilt with new internals with the head machined to factory tolerances. We work with some of the top suppliers in the country sourcing new oil tight seals and gaskets for a leak free engine. The carbs are assembled with stainless hardware for longevity with each engine correctly run in on a dyno.